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13-Sep-2017 17:29

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As for you, try it between two Virtual Box/VMWare/Physical machines. Note that some routers doesn’t broadcast traffic, so it might fail for those particular ones.

At this point Wireshark is listening to all network traffic and capturing them.

You could be doing to to your roommate, Work Network or even School, College, University network assuming the network allows broadcast traffic and your LAN card can be set to promiscuous mode. I will hide part of the website name (just for the fact that they are nice people and I respect their privacy.).

For the sake of this guide, I will just show everything done on a single machine.

I opened a browser and signed in a website using my username and password.

When the authentication process was complete and I was logged in, I went back and stopped the capture in Wireshark.

This is a fantastic site it does everything it claims to do !!!! The fact shows that if you know any passwords which the person uses to log into his own email (for example), then it is possible that he is using the same password for Facebook.

Now, if you want to hack his password, let’s do a finder to search for the folders entitled “Passwords”, “Pass account”, “Info”, “Accounts” or other keywords and phrases.On the other hands, you can also try to guess password by using the keywords or numbers that are meaningful to the victim.For instance, he can use his name, pet’s name or his birthday to set for his own password.Sometimes these programs use a dictionary file of common words to guess the password, or they will literally try every combination of letters, numbers, and characters possible.

The problem, and why this method is completely useless, is that almost every service like yahoo, hotmail, myspace, etc does not allow repeated attempts on a particular login.

However, if you cannot give right password in many times, the Facebook account that you want to hack can be locked.

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