Stanford university speed dating

24-Sep-2017 20:13

Rebele Gallery German printmaker and painter Max Klinger was known for inventing fantastical narratives.

This installation features six prints from Klinger’s 1881 portfolio Modern & Contemporary Through Novermber 26, 2017 Freidenrich Family Gallery This installation speaks to the materials, ideas, and questions artists are exploring today and presents the collection as a continually evolving entity.

After the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970, American photography increasingly recast familiar spaces and themes—the natural world, the city, the home, the automobile—in light of growing anxieties around waste, energy use, pollution, and development.

Hope Gangloff Curates Portraiture Through September 24, 2017 Ruth Levison Halperin Gallery New York-based artist Hope Gangloff has been invited to mine the museum’s permanent collection and select key works to hang alongside her own contemporary paintings.

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