Utorrent mac tracker updating

10-Sep-2017 15:49

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The difference with using transmission-remote, and it is a BIG difference, is that this tool operates on .torrent files, not by communicating with the daemon. You are spot on, I am on MAC Transmission 2.82 (14160) --- It appears the window version of Transmission (like other torrent clients, window version) to update torrent is possible.

If you intend to change the torrents on a daemon, you'll have to stop the daemon, change the daemon's copy of the metadata, then start it. In MAC Transmission the option of "open Torrent Properities -- Yes, the passkey is embedded in the tracker info.

But latter you can update those tracker for better downloading result. Right Click on any Downloading torrent and click update Trackers.

In this post I am going to show you how can you update your torrent tracker manually and change it.

If it is not the same, then follow the below steps!

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Otherwise you can leave it as it is because by default utorrent clients automatically updates list of torrent trackers.

Trackers are the most important while you downloading any file through torrent.